Prada Candy

Role: Lead UI Designer

Creative Direction:
David James
Art Direction:
Sara Hemming & Jason Moses


Prada Candy

Prada Candy is a fragrance launched in August 2011. My involvement in the launch of this fragrance was to showcase the campaign created by Jean-Paul Goude and the illustrations by the prolific French artist Francois Berthoud. Users could interact with the animated Candy character, moving her through new scenarios and also change her wardrobe. This experience was all housed within a temporary web app on, the first ever of its kind for the brand.

Collaborating with DJA, who led creative direction, the task was to create an interactive, multi-platform HTML5 experience that reflected and brought to life campaign elements and playful stories behind the fragrance. With specific desktop, iPad and iPhone websites, and a mobile application concept. The project was a huge success and the site received over 8 million views in the first month.