Role: Creative Direction



Peas were set up in 2009 as a dedicated recruitment consultancy to service the design, marketing and advertising industries. Their reputation wasn’t built by making the most noise and shouting their accolades but rather by letting their reputation over the the last seven years gradually speak for itself. Wanting to get to the core principles behind their brand, it became clear they had built up strong relationships with talent and agencies by nurturing trust through their integrity, diligence and understanding of the market and their clients. Everything centred around the strong network they had created, connecting the creative community with new emerging talent.

The challenge was to develop a concept and a design strong enough to have familiarity with their original branding while being different enough to continue to establish a presence in the market without large advertising efforts. The dotted grid has been utilised here as a supportive graphic device to illustrate the idea of the Peas ‘network’. Not only does it represent the network behind Peas, but it is also reveals the hidden structure that has the potential to hold these elements together. This cohesion of elements to create something beautiful and new is what Peas facilitates everyday. The grid becomes the starting point for the brand, it is on this structure that everything is built upon.

The identity, typography, copywriting and packaging all came together to form a cohesive brand expression in all channels, from print to web and film. The result was the creation of a brand that was approachable and reliable while still being fresh, playful and creative like the community it represents.