Our Legacy

Role: Design Direction & UI

Creative Direction


Our Legacy

The look is sophisticated, yet light, conservative but playful… our aim is to put a high-quality garment on your back, which will hopefully stay in your closet for a very long time’ — Mr Christopher Nying, co-founder of Our Legacy. 

Our Legacy was established seven years ago in Stockholm by Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin. From vintage Armani to punk, by way of art, film and literature, the influences behind Our Legacy are diverse and varied and it’s this eclectic mix that has made them one of Sweden’s most respected and recognisable menswear brands.

Our Legacy is known for it’s innovative but minimal take on menswear staples so it was important for the website to reflect this. A bold and refined use of Neue Haas Unica in only one weight provided a solid foundation to the sparseness of a site that’s main emphasis was to now be placed on brand imagery. While working with Our Legacy at TOBE we also helped the brand to finalise on a single logo (where previously there had been three) and how this would be used across multiple customer touchpoints.

My main role on this project was the repositioning of the digital presence for the brand, primarily with a complete redesign of the website, including a fully responsive e-commerce platform which I was in sole charge of, from UI design to overseeing and managing the development in Stockholm.