Role: Lead UI Designer

Art Director:
Jenny Eneqvist



COS are the hugely successful Swedish fashion brand offering women and men modern, functional and considered design. Their collections offer reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials utilising rational methods and new techniques to form timeless, understated collections.

The main task of this project was the creation and development of an entirely fully responsive e-commerce platform. My role was firstly to oversee and manage a team of UX designers and developers based in both London and Stockholm and also to be the sole UI designer for the project designing and preparing every screen for delivery to development. The project was run as an agile process which required daily catch-ups and constant communication between myself and the team in Stockholm building the site to make sure the tight deadline was meet while achieving everything we wanted to achieve from the redesign.

Key strategic imperatives where established by meetings with internal departments at COS. This process revealed many things that went into the long-term strategy for the company but for the immediate redesign most importantly the website needed to better connect routes to purchase with the large curatorial focus of the brand.